About Us

MICG at a glance

M.I.C.G is one of the most important contractors in Iraq, for designing, consultation and execution of construction and industrial projects and has a dynamic presence in different stages of development, taking use of its specialist and experienced personnels , advanced machinery and equipments and up to date knowledge.
M.I.C.G has already completed 166 projects in different fields including dams, diversion dams, irrigation and dranage networks, dwelling construction, road construction, tunnels and underground structures, oil, gas and petrochemical installations, reservoirs, tanks and treatment plants, steel structures, design and engineering services, transportation services, transmission pipelines, offshore floating structures, mining and agriculture and have 5 projects in process of completion in aforesaid fields
M.I.C.G is now ready to execute infra structural projects on larger scales under more severe conditions and in the shortest practicable time observing all the standards, technical specifications and most proper construction methods within the frameworks of EPC contracts.
M.I.C.G is also ready to take use of the potentials and engineering and executive capabilities of other engineering companies, internal and international contractors ,in different fields for development of Iraq and other Islamic and friend countries.