Treatmeant Plants


Major Projects in process of Completion



Countries in the middle east suffer from water shortages and they have acute water scarcity problems with less than 500 m3 of renewable water resources per capita available. The supply of fresh potable water is essential to life, socioeconomic development, and political stability in the region. Scarcity of water resources in this region represents an extremely important factor in the stability and economic development within the region.


In this regard, M.I.C.G has an enriched experience in these fields as its ongoing project as Karbala WWTP, Taza WTP and Kirkuk WWTP at Iraq are providing perfect experience.


The use of treated wastewater is becoming more popular especially in countries suffering from water shortages despite the fact that wastewater plants have some environmental implications.

Major Completed Projects :

Kirkuk Municipal WasteWater Treatment Plant Iraq